Smart Farmers: your partner in aquaponics and vertical farming

Aquaponics professionals Pascal De Bondt and Bart Kregersman from Smart Farmers

Smart Farmers, originally from Ghent, Belgium, develops and builds innovative installations to breed fish, crustacean and plants.

We specialise in vertical farming, aquaponics and systems for cultivating under LED lighting.

Aquaponics is a cultivation technique that combines growing fish and plants in a home-made ecosystem. The technique has existed for centuries, however aquaponics was only recently refined for use in agriculture and horticulture.

Vertical farming equals indoor or outdoor farming of crops in several layers or farming in altitude.

Today we build zero waste systems for sustainable food production. Our installations are built to be highly water-efficient and allow you to control your crops completely. There is no need to use fertilizer, nor to dispose of used fertilizer. The installation allows you to use aquaponics and LED lighting ecologically, efficiently and profitably.

Smart Farmers is your partner for:

  • Turn-key projects with training and support
  • Development and construction of professional aquaponics systems
  • Development and construction of vertical farms or LED farms
  • Consultancy on feasibility of aquaponics and vertical farms
  • Consultancy on projects in urban farming and short-chain projects


Smart farmers supports you to develop your innovative project. We work with strong technical and knowledge partners to offer the most efficient and profitable solutions.